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Poughkeepsie Mover Review by Mona S.

The office contacts, Brian and Lisa, were both very helpful, responsive and polite. Our moving experience, however, was less than satisfactory. My daughter needed her belongings moved out of her campus housing this Spring without her being present due to Covid. And she needed to have her belongings moved into her new housing in August, again without her being present as she was in quarantine. The movers left a few of her items in her room when packing, threw some of the breakable items into boxes without wrapping, ruined a few pictures that were on the wall and put clothing into a box with an open jar of garlic. All of her clothing smelled when unpacked. The boxes were not labeled so when unpacking she did not know what items where in each box without unpacking. I was very disappointed with the service. While I chose the minimal insurance coverage for damage, and I accept that. I still think they should refund some of the money for the items that were never packed in the first place (cushion on her chair, mirror). They were supposed to send me a claim form and I have never received one.

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