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Poughkeepsie Mover Review by Jeff

Amazing. That is the one word I can use to describe the Arnoff Experience. We had a somewhat complicated move that was time sensitive. The first stop was to pick up some large piece at my home in Westchester. The second stop was my daughters apartment in the city. To give some context my daughter had been living there for 3 years with her husband and due to covid move home quickly. She left EVERYTHING in place. Mike & his crew did all they could to pack it up, protect it and then move it to another house. When I say he did everything, I heard that he ran out of packing materials and stop a competitive truck to ask if he could "borrow" some. He got it and was able to get the job done. Thank you to the Arnoff Family for getting this accomplished as quickly and as professionally as they did. I would recommend them to anyone.

Arnoff Moving & Storage

Jeff, thank you again for sharing your experience with our family and the public.

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