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Poughkeepsie Mover Review by Frank T.

This review is specific to Arnoff Moving & Storage Poughkeepskie Branch. We are writing this honest review to let others know about our experience with the company. We are moving overseas for a permanent change of station (PCS). Arnoff (Poughkeepskie) was the moving and storage company assigned to us. It took them only 2 days to pack and ship all of the stuff in the 3-bedroom apartment. First day was spent packing almost all of our items except the bigger ones. All the guys from Day #1 did great. Packing day went smooth without any issue whatsoever. There were 4 guys (Raul, Keith, Dean, & Pete) that came in Day #2 which was spent mostly moving all of the packed and boxed items. There were some more items (small and bigger ones) left from Day 1 that needed to be packed. Only 1 person from Day 1 came back on Day 2 and that was Raul. As usual, we noticed Raul is really good at what he does as we observed that he packed the items thoroughly with care. Although Keith at one point looked like he did not know how to pack an iMac desktop, he at least made an effort to do so. Dean was ok too. Now, lets talk about the issues that went down on Day 2. The 4th guy named Pete or Peter is mainly the reason why we wanted to share this review about our experience. Initially, Pete came in as the guy that checks off the inventory list for boxes that he tagged and goes out of the door. We started noticing a problem with Pete when a box went out without a tag. We had to remind Keith who was carrying the box that it was untagged. Next thing was about a large framed custom-made US Flag. We saw Pete forced the flag diagonally on a box that it barely fits. We noticed the side frame is being pressed on a tight, ill-fitting box so we had to tell Pete what the item was and to be careful not to break the frame of the custom made flag. He did not say anything after the fact. We let that go. Now back to that iMac desktop that Keith barely wrapped with brown paper and left on the floor. We both witnessed Pete was about to place the barely padded iMac on the box sidewards! We had to intervene right away. Who in their right mind would pack an iMac desktop carelessly in a box on its side?! After stopping Pete halfway, he was clearly annoyed at us and placed the iMac back on the floor then left without saying a word. He then came back with another box, and with his angry demeanor placed the iMac on the padded box in upright position this time. There was no acknowledgment or apology given despite being rude and openly careless with packing both the custom made US flag and iMac desktop. We had to call Arnoff and informed their supervisor about what went down. Pete never went back inside to help the other guys finish packing and moving. He eventually left without saying a word to us. This guy was extremely unprofessional, careless, and disrespectful. Please be warned, if this guy is one of the men sent by Arnoff to pack/move your belongings, make sure to watch his every move or your family will end up receiving damaged/broken items! We highly recommend Raul to help with packing/moving as he truly knows his job and works fast/less joking around. Thank you Raul! To Arnoff Poughkeepskie Branch, we hope when we get our stored belongings back in 3 years, we will not have any missing and broken or damaged item! Mr. & Mrs. Tungpalan