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To ensure safe transport during a move, it is recommended that you custom crate select fragile items. Arnoff Global Logistics' Crating services are unsurpassed in quality and price.  Arnoff has in-house crate shops at each of its locations which build crates customized to the item that is being shipped and that are study enough to protect even the most fragile of objects during the rigors of transportation.

  • Prior to any crate being built an Arnoff professional will consult with you to understand all the requirements needed
  • A team of seasoned carpenters will custom design and fabricate the crate or crates to your specifications
  • Final crating of the item can be done on site, prior to any transport, or at one of Arnoff's crate shops.
  • Arnoff is well aware of and able to meet and exceed all minimum standards for international shipping such utilizing heat treated wood and can also advise on max crate sizes depending on how shipment is being transported.
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