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There are times when a moving crew and standard moving truck are not enough. For larger, unique items you will need to use a mover with rigging experience. As industrial rigging specialists, Arnoff Global Logistics provides innovative solutions to complex lifting and transportation challenges. Arnoff's Rigging division consistently satisfy customers with their expertise and knowledge of moving the unusual.

Industrial Rigging Experts

  • Millwrights
  • Forklifts, gantries, air skate systems
  • Projects requiring cranes
  • Heavy hauling
  • OSHA compliant
  • Barcoded warehousing
  • Clean room certification

The types of equipment and commodities we move for our clients vary. Regardless of scope or size, Arnoff Global Logistics' Rigging Division can hoist and transport anything from laser equipment and air conditioning units to antiques, machinery and sculptures. Our professionals are capable of rigging and transporting major pieces of art and very fragile items with proficiency. Some of the equipment we move includes:

  • High-value inventory
  • Air handling units, Boilers, Heaters
  • Diesel generators
  • Printing presses and equipment
  • Machine shops
  • Sculptures
  • Safes
  • Semi Conductor Chip FAB Equipment
  • Solar Wafer processing tools

Professional Riggers / Heavy Haulers

Trust in our industrial rigging services from Arnoff Global Logistics. If you think something cannot be lifted and transported, our professionals have the expertise and equipment to accomplish the task. Contact Arnoff today to learn more about how our rigging services can assist you.

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