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Focus - Planning - Precision - Experience

These are the four attributes which must be combined by the company you are considering for your next library relocation project.

Focus must be brought to bear from the minute that our team first visits your location, so as to properly account for the scope & nature of your inventory; so as to properly assess the conditions in library alleys, doorways, and along the entirety of the path of movement; and to understand your potential need for access to the library while it is in transit.

Planning must be detailed and properly convey to the library move team what it is that they have at hand. An experienced library moving company will know how many man hours, truck-trips, and library book move cart-trips will be made in the execution of the move.

Precision of work on a minute by minute basis during the course of the library move will determine success – or failure.  Our library move technicians have the proper equipment to ensure that library contents are loaded, transported and unloaded orderly so as to speed the overall project and ensure precise return of inventory to proper placement.

Experience if past experience is a gauge of future quality results, then your organization cannot select a more experienced library moving company than Arnoff Moving, Storage & Rigging. With recent successful experience in moving the largest legal library resource in New York State; the largest privately held collection of historic cultural philosophy in the Upstate; and the largest scientific astronomical collection in the Upstate, Arnoff Moving, Storage & Rigging is the most experienced company serving this field.

Library Moving Testimonial

“I have been involved in numerous library moves over the years, some on the scale of millions of books. With that background as context, I can say that Arnoff exceeded my expectations and performed at the highest level I have seen. The project management was always on point, you were thorough and accurate in your assessments and estimates, and you were very accommodating to changing conditions on the ground and in the timeline that we had no control over. Once the move began, it went off seamlessly. Your team clearly knew their business and handled the collection with great care and efficiency. The planning and execution of the move were flawless, from the construction of the shelving, to the temporary "sidewalks" to adapt to the hilly terrain, to the carts and equipment used to transport the books.”

Library Moving Professionals

We are featured in the following video showcasing the relocation of the Rudolf Steiner Library from the Carriage House in Harlemville, NY.

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