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A semiconductor fabrication plant (fab) contains some of the most complicated and expensive manufacturing systems, and demands a great deal of planning and professionalism when it comes to setup and relocation. If your business is considering setting up or moving a semiconductor fabrication facility, or even just one tool, Arnoff Global Logistics can get it up and running, wherever it needs to be.

Transportation/ Inbound Freight Management

As an expert in both domestic and international specialized freight management, Arnoff is capable of coordinating and executing the transportation of all equipment and materials coming into and out of your facility; with regard to your production requirements, budget and timelines.

Equipment Rigging and Installation

Arnoff owns specialty hoisting equipment that is required to move the large industrial machinery contained in any type of manufacturing facility. Our crews know what it takes to relocate the expensive fabrication, assembly and testing equipment crucial to your operations. We will work side-by-side with your operations team and engineers to ensure all equipment is installed properly.

Clean Room Services

Arnoff understands that contamination is detrimental to your clean room operations. Our moving crews are trained to handle your clean room equipment, including, but not limited to, portable/modular clean rooms, air showers, exhaust hoods/workstations, pass-through cabinets and work stations. We will adhere to any sanitary requirements your facility requires -- from gloves, caps and booties to full bunny suits for all crew members.  Arnoff's team has spent countless hours working in clean rooms and understands the complexities these environments present.  Arnoff is committed to providing its clean room services on schedule and within budget.

Parts Warehousing

The storage experts at Arnoff can also handle any parts warehousing requirements.  We operate Hudson Valley area warehouses that can provide secure, climate controlled storage for manufacturing materials, as well as equipment and furniture that needs a temporary home.

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