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Since 1924, Arnoff Fine Art Services has been providing museums with relocation, packing, and storage services for their fine art and antique collections, serving New York's Hudson Valley, from Albany to New York City, Arnoff has handled priceless artwork from small and large museums – from one piece to an entire collection.

Packing Experts
Arnoff's experienced packing specialists use only the finest, archival-quality materials. Every member of our team of moving professionals completes our own thorough training programs based on the recommendations of the National Gallery of Art, as well as the development programs offered by the American Association of Museums. Years of experience with every kind of move have given our packing professionals the know-how to securely handle, pack, load, and wrap your artwork and antiques for travel across town or around the world. Acid free, static free and other specialized materials are employed to assure the finest quality packing service.

Inventory Management
Every item that is stored in Arnoff's warehouses is bar-coded into a state-of-the-art inventory management system. Items can be located and retrieved in mere seconds by our warehouse team.

Custom Crating
Our on-site crating facility produces the highest quality crates to protect your artwork and withstand the rigors of transportation. Crating fine art so that it is safe and secure is an art in itself. Crates are custom built to any size—small to oversized—and are sturdy and reinforced for any weight. Overseas crates are made with heat treated ISPM wood to ensure your shipment is compliant with international treaties. Reusable trade show crates can be custom built to your exact specifications.

Climate Controlled Storage and Transportation
The proper temperature and humidity in our warehouses and vans will protect your precious artwork from environmental fluctuations, as well as from dust or pests. Our climate-controlled warehouse storage is perfect for fine art collections short-or long term, as well as for exhibit crates between venues or during exhibitions.

Relocation Services
It takes more than a strong back to move sensitive items like fine art and antiques; it takes a team. The Arnoff team is made up of skilled, experienced, trained movers with the right equipment for this type of specialized work.

The key to any successful relocation is planning. Our staff will work closely with you to plan every facet of the move from the methods used to the equipment required to any special concerns you may have.

The vans used by Arnoff are designed and built to our own unique specifications. All are equipped with shock-absorbing air-ride suspensions to guarantee the smoothest ride possible for your valuable art and antiques. We also have units that are climate controlled to guarantee proper temperature and humidity.

Warehousing Services
We have been securely storing and maintaining inventory control of valuable art objects and antiques since the 1920s. Our warehouses are safe, secure and climate controlled, and they are guarded around the clock and are equipped with direct alarm systems, closed-circuit television and motion detectors. Only a few specific management personnel have access to the storage areas. The construction of our buildings is brick and insulated steel. Each is equipped with a special dry sprinkler system.

The warehouse temperature is maintained between 68 and 72 degrees, and the humidity is kept within 5 percent of 45 percent, the optimal humidity level; the building's temperature and humidity are monitored 24 hours a day.

Types of Artwork Arnoff Relocates
Paintings, Flat Artwork, Sculptures – Indoor & Outdoor, Stone, Metal, and/or Wood items, Artifacts and Antiques, and Framed Items.

As an art carrier and member of the American Association of Museums, Arnoff has earned its reputation for professionalism, quality and care by serving many clients. 

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