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Poughkeepsie Mover Review by Martha D.

I want to mention the great crew that helped me move on Wednesday: Robert, Ray, Maurice and Keith. As I said in my previous review they were great...so careful with all my stuff. Two boxes were really heavy...I apologized to Ray when he lifted them. I said don't hurt yourself and he was teasing me later that his back hurt! Robert was wonderful talking to my cat when I put him in the cat carrier. Robert has a cat and new just how to soothe mine. Maurice and Keith were in charge of loading the truck and did an amazing job making sure everything was secure for the road. The whole experience, beginning with David coming to my apartment for the estimate, to Denise scheduling and coordinating the logistics, to Robert, Ray, Maurice and Keith doing the actual move, was the most gratifying and stress-free move I've ever had. My thanks to them all for their help!