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Portable Storage

Portable storage units, or HomePAKs, are the new convenient way to store your belongings at your location. We will place it where you want it, when you want it. Think of it as self-storage without the truck. We deliver the HomePAK to you. You load it and lock it. We pick it up and transport it to our super-secure, temperature-controlled warehouse, or it can remain on your property so that you have easy access to your belongings at a moment's notice.

There are endless benefits to our portable storage units. We offer affordable monthly rentals, so you can keep items in storage for however long you need. HomePAK storage is $60 per month for rental. There is a $75 deliver and pick up fee, which is reduced to $50 for a second unit. With your rental, you will receive 12 moving blankets to ensure the protection of your goods.

Our HomePAK units are weatherproof, ensuring your goods are protected from the elements. Also, the portable storage units are roomy, measuring 7.5' tall by 8' deep by 5' wide, allowing you to store a sizeable amount of goods.

We deliver your HomePAK unit to your site for the ultimate convenience. Once we deliver your portable storage units, you pack them with what you want stored. When you've completed filling your unit, simply lock it. You then have the option to keep the unit at your own site or to store it in our warehouse. If you desire, our professionals will come and pick up the unit, transport it to our warehouse and store it there for free until you are ready to retrieve your items.

HomePAK portable storage units are ideal for those people who want access to their items and control over where their goods are kept. With low monthly rates and various options for location of your goods, HomePAK is the storage option that keeps you in control. Contact Arnoff Moving & Storage today to arrange for your portable storage unit(s) to be dropped off at your location.
Arnoff is proud to provide HomePAK portable storage units to the New York's Hudson Valley, Western Massachusetts and Western Connecticut.

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