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One of the main reasons why people use portable storage units for their homes or offices is the flexibility such options provide. Sometimes, you need these storage units to remodel your space or keep some extra furniture. At Arnoff Moving & Storage, we take that burden away from you until you’re fully settled or ready to have your items at another location.

For more than 90 years, we’ve been a family-owned business set up to implement the storage needs of households and businesses in Cohoes, NY. As a BBB-accredited business with a customer-first attitude, you can enjoy short- or long-term portable units to store your valuables during any move.

Reliable and Portable Self-Storage – Cohoes, NY

If you’re about to move, you probably want to take your time so as not to leave your valuables behind or have a more organized way to move. That can be a challenge, and the company that’s up to the task is Arnoff Moving & Storage. Our storage options include lockable and weatherproof units that are just as effective as they are affordable. With our storage, your belongings are stored conveniently and securely. We know how simple and secure you’d want a portable storage solution to be. To this end, we offer different-sized containers to meet your unique requirements. What’s more, we’ll have your self-storage option delivered right to your home in Cohoes.

  • 16 ft. X 7 ft. X 8 ft. (5,000 lb. capacity)

Safe and Optimal Large Portable Storage Units – Cohoes, NY

Are you searching for the most convenient and budget-friendly portable storage solution for your sprawling home or business? Arnoff Moving & Storage proposes secure and effective extra-large storage containers with heavier weight capacities to service the needs of any growing business. Our units are popular for being very secure and weatherproof to maintain your office furniture, computers, equipment, and other items. We also provide renting options for ground containers, large storage trailers, and on-site storage facilities for customers in Cohoes.

  • 20 ft. X 8 ft. X 8 ft. (6,000 lb. capacity)
  • 40 ft. X 8 ft. X 8 ft. (12,000 lb. capacity)

No one does convenient storage like Arnoff Moving & Storage. Right from the beginning, we make everything seamless and stress-free. All our customers can attest to our competitively priced options that work with your budget and schedule.

At Arnoff Moving & Storage, we work round the clock to ensure you get the most secure and reliable storage containers for your needs. Whether you need big-sized containers or other portable storage varieties in Cohoes, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to learn more about our services or fill out our online form to get a free quote.

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