It’s the last day of the month and you’ve planned your big move for months.  Finally the day has come, yet the weather forecast calls for strong thunderstorms and showers, so now what? Despite your prayers for sunshine, you start worrying about your Italian leather couch, TV and the fear of soaked boxes.

But moving in bad weather doesn’t have to be a frightening experience.  If you move in rainy, windy or even snowy weather, follow these tips to protect your possessions and of course your sanity!

Shield your possessions:

1.  Cardboard is a lot more durable than you think.  The key is to apply packing tape securely and generously.  Creating a seal is important, so when the rain does hit the boxes, nothing will leak inside.

2.  Park the truck as close to your door as possible.  This way your “stuff” will have the least exposure to the elements as possible.  Also, make sure you have no obstacles in the way including flowerpots, fencing and/or lawn decorations.

3.  Moving blankets and shrink-wrap are essential for your furniture.  Chairs, tables, stools, etc. can easily be wrapped in moving blankets and taped securely to keep water from penetrating though.  Shrink-wrap can be very beneficial for wrapping artwork to prevent rain from getting into the gaps in the frame.

4.  Clothing can easily be put into large-sized heavy-duty trash bags. No, not the ordinary bags that you grab wrong and put a gaping hole in them, but spend a little more and get the 2 mil industrial bags if you really care about those wool sweaters.  Zip ties are a good way to seal these bags as well!

5.  Antiques on the other hand should be wrapped in a moving blanket or sheet, and then placed into a sealed box as stated above in tip #1.  Add some “fluff’ to it as well which can be scrunched up newspaper or even recycle those paper grocery bags that you'll never use again.

Prep your moving space:

1.  Before you start moving, check your truck for leaks.  Duct tape can be a temporary fix for small leaks and plastic wrap can be a creative fix for larger one’s.  If you hired a moving company, their equipment should be up to par!

2.  Line the entryway and porch with towels.  If you’re using a moving company, ask them to cover the floors before they start.

3.  Wearing boots or all-weather sneakers are important to keep anyone involved in the move safe from slippery floors.

Prep your new home:

1.  If you’re doing an in-town move, try and get out to your new home and lay out rugs or towels inside and outside (if there is a porch) the front door to keep from tracking in mud or water.

2.  If it’s a cold day, make sure you turn up the heat so you can be nice and warm when you arrive.

3.  Put some water and snacks in the fridge to keep up your energy.

Form an assembly line:

1.  If you have help moving, it’s very beneficial to set up an assembly line to in order to move as fast as possible, so items are moved swiftly into the truck.  Authorize one person to stand inside and hand boxes to another person who will bring the items directly to the truck.  This way the floors can stay dry as that person will not be going outside in the elements. 

2.  Likewise at your new house, assign an indoor crew and an outdoor crew to maintain the cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of the moving process.

If you’re looking for an expert moving company you can receive a free quote at and let the experts take away the hassle and frustration out of moving in any weather!