As a business owner you might be dealing with some pretty hefty tax burdens that impact your bottom line. It might even be difficult to attract and retain employees in New York, which has a high personal income tax rate of 8.82%. If your company is having trouble competing with other big corporations here then a move to another state could be the answer.

Our professional moving team can relocate your entire business and staff to a state with a much lower tax burden. With nearly a century of experience to our credit, Arnoff Moving & Storage has the skill and resources needed for a streamline relocation from New York. Our office movers can take you to one of many states, including Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina.

How Can Moving Your Business Lower Your Income Taxes

Per the Tax Foundation Non-Profit Organization, corporate tax rates and personal income tax rates can vary wildly.  If you pick the right state to relocate to, you can save quite a bit in business taxes. Plus, your staff can also save too. Here is a comparison of our top three recommended states by their tax rates.

Corporate Income Tax Rates by State

  • Florida: 4.45%
  • Nevada: 0%
  • North Carolina: 2.5%

Personal Income Tax Rates by State

  • Florida: 0%
  • Nevada: 0%
  • North Carolina: 5.25%

Moving Your Business to Retain Employees & Draw in New Workers

These states are a big draw for companies partly due to their climate and cultural opportunities. Florida is a sub-tropical environment with hot sunny summers and mild winters. It’s also surrounded on three sides by fabulous beaches. 

Nevada also boasts a hot, but dry climate and it’s close to California and Texas, which may offer additional business opportunities. 

Lastly, North Carolina is just a short drive down the coast from New York. It also has Southern charm and beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.

Not to mention, each of these states has vibrant cities with plenty of dining, housing, and entertainment. Check out Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Charlotte to get an idea of what your staff could be enjoying in each state.

Arnoff’s Business Moving Services Streamline Your Transition

If you are ready to make that long-distance move, Arnoff is ready and waiting to assist. Our New York business movers work with your staff to create a moving plan that covers all of your needs. We can cover all of your moving requirements, like:

Our Employee Relocation Services Make Life Easier for Your Staff

As agents of North American Van Lines, we are also part of a major network of other moving and storage companies throughout the country. With the assistance of these other experts, our team can smoothly complete your employee relocations too. Allow Arnoff to work with your human resource department to move entire groups of employees. Or have us work with just one or two people who are moving with you.

We offer residential moving services like:

For a century, Arnoff Moving & Storage has been providing top-notch corporate relocation services in New York and beyond. When you have decided to move to another state, whether for taxes or another reason, our team can handle the challenging task of relocating your company. 

To get started with a free estimate, fill out our online form. To arrange a complimentary consultation with a specialist for your New York move, give us a call now.