Third-party logistics, or 3PL, includes a variety of services that businesses can outsource, whether that’s warehousing, delivery, order fulfillment or any number of operational solutions. When businesses think about outsourcing their operations, myths and incorrect beliefs can form that we’re here to debunk.

1. Working with a Third-Party Logistics Company is More Expensive

Partnering with a 3PL can actually be the more cost-effective option.

Whether your company needs more space, more trucks to make deliveries, or help keeping up with your growing customer base, a 
third party logistics company can create a solution-based plan that takes most, if not all the prep and operations off your plate. The cost and time of handling any one of these tasks in-house can far outweigh the time and money you'd invest to outsource the work.

Additionally, by working with a 3PL your company will gain access to the scale the 3PL offers, whether that means access to more affordable transportation rates or the ability to scale your business as it grows or even seasonally, you are only paying for what you need. Working with a 3PL will also allow you to take advantages of the efficiencies gained through years of experience and best practice development.

2. I’d Lose Control Over My Business

You’ll never be kept out of the loop; we’re here to work for you.

If you want regular reports or prefer a hands-off approach, we can do that for you. You remain in control of your business. Choose a company that you trust to represent you operationally and let them do the rest. 

3. A 3PL Company Doesn’t Know Anything About My Specific Business

While some 3PLs may specialize with a specific industry, most have a variety of experience across a diverse customer base. It’s important to understand that while two businesses may have the same problem, the solution can differ based on the specific needs. Each third-party organization needs to go into the partnership with a customized solution.

4. Warehouse Service Just Includes Storage 

While some of our customers require the use of our warehouse space to hold additional inventory, many use us for full services. Whether it’s shipping out products as orders are received or dedicated daily delivery runs, the goods we store are provided with receiving, inventorying, and shipping items out as needed.

5. If I Have a Small Business, or I’m Just Starting Out, a 3PL Provider Has No Benefit for My Business

Even a new business can benefit from third party support services. With a shift in consumer buying, many small, online retailers develop exponential order growth without the ability to keep up with demand and fulfillment. In a scenario such as this, a 3PL is ready to provide the service you need when you need it. If you’re just starting up, a 3PL will allow you to keep your focus on nurturing your new business instead of handling the logistics. And as you scale, the 3PL will scale to handle your growth. 

Whether your business is big or small, the 3PL should go to work for you. Most, like Arnoff, can curate a service that fits the criteria you need from us in order for your business to be successful.

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