This month for Experts in the Field, we visit a very specific and small section of our household moving services to highlight Sarah Coon, Military Coordinator. In this position, Sarah handles all our household good moves for the United States Military. As a Department of Defense contractor, we receive requests to handle both pickups and deliveries across the Capital Region and Lower Hudson Valley, with more coming through the latter area with our proximity to West Point. Due to the constant rotation of military personnel, Sarah can be working on many, many moves at any given time.

When Sarah receives a request to move a service member, she checks internally with our operations department to verify we have the availability to take on the move. If we are picking up their items, we may need to schedule one of our sales team members to visit the home and assess the needs to prepare our moving crew.  Working with the DoD there are numerous rules and regulations that need to be known on our part to help handle these moves, whether domestically or internationally.

Before Sarah joined Arnoff in April 2019, she spent 23 years working for a private company with a very specific customer base - large distilleries in the Caribbean and Central America who manufacture alcohol for rum production.  Over the years she had a hand in virtually every aspect of the business – engineering, research, purchasing/invoicing, exporting materials, etc – but it is the planning & logistical coordination aspects that were most beneficial when she transitioned to Arnoff as the military coordinator. 

Sarah’s position falls within our Customer Service. The part she loves most about her job is the people she gets to work with at Arnoff. Our customer service team works out of Poughkeepsie and coordinates every single household move that our entire company performs. In May, we held our annual Company Awards where Sarah and fellow customer service members won our Team of the Year Award.

She also loves talking with the service members. Our nation’s military families move many, many times in their careers and she gets to hear about their experiences and places they’ve lived. Want tips on moving? Ask a military member, they’re sure to know a thing or two about the process!

We often don’t have the opportunity to share about this segment of our business due to the complexities and confidentiality, however we thought it would be a great idea to highlight the person who handles a very complicated area of our household moves. Great work to our Expert Sarah for what she does behind the scenes.