If there is one thing that long-distance moving requires, it is intricate planning. You are not going to be successful during an interstate move if you have not at least planned out your drive. At Arnoff Moving & Storage we want to help do-it-yourself movers be successful with tips on how to plan for the unexpected during your residential move. We know that time and money is precious, especially during a move, so let us help you plan for parts of moving that may get off track. 

Plan for Damages

You may be surprised at how many of your household items can take a beating during the moving process. It is important to take special care of your delicate items that cannot take this beating. Items like glass, ceramics or other custom-made furniture and knick-knacks need to be carefully packed away. Our moving and storage company suggests packing these items in dish packing boxes with layers of bubble roll or packing paper in between items. We can also help with packing at Arnoff Moving & Storage, and our packing comes with the option to get valuation coverage protection which can make the damage a little less of a hit at the end of a move.

Plan for Delays

No matter if you are doing your own residential move or if a professional moving company is moving your household, always plan for a delay in your items arriving. We suggest packing for a week's worth of delays and hoping your items do not get too delayed. You can also pack items like a pan, pot, and spatula to save money on eating out in case of delays. With a large variety of factors leading to your household items not arriving on time, this step is crucial for a less stressful move. 

Plan for Emergencies

It is always a great idea to have an emergency first aid kit in your car, but do you have an emergency cell service loss kit? At Arnoff Moving & Storage we suggest getting a battery-powered phone charger just in case your phone dies. We also suggest downloading or buying all the physical maps you need so that you have access to them when you are traveling through areas with minimal cell service. 

If your car unexpectedly breaks down it is also a great idea to have access to AAA or OnStar for vehicle towing assistance. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in an unknown area and feeling lost! 

Plan for Fuel Costs

Driving a moving van or your own vehicle a long distance for your residential move is going to be expensive. It is suggested that you plan out where you can stop for cheaper fuel fill-ups. A surprise jump in gas pricing can leave you out hundreds of dollars over a long-distance move. 

One way to avoid these extra costs is to get a written estimate from Arnoff Moving & Storage. We will not charge you extra for gas price hikes, saving you money in the long run. Call us today to get a free residential moving estimate.