As the seasons change, it's best to transition your wardrobe to maximize the space in your closet. If you don't prepare for the new season, you will likely have a lot of space taken up by unwanted clothing items.

Fortunately, as an experienced moving and storage company, we have seasonal storage hacks. This article will cover some ways you can transition your wardrobe properly. 

Donate or Recycle Unwanted Items

When the season ends, you can assess which clothing you do not wear often. Unwanted clothing items take up space in your closet and are likely wanted by someone else.

Before you put your clothes in a storage container, you should separate the clothing you did not wear. Once you have separated the clothes, you can donate them to a charity organization or recycle them. 

Remove Stains Before Storage

If you have stains or damage on your clothing, you may want to push fixing it until next season. However, we recommend removing the stains before placing them in a storage facility. 

When you want to take your clothes out of storage again, some clothing will be unwearable due to the stains. By getting the restoration done beforehand, you can start wearing them immediately. 

Keep Clothing Stored in a Dry Space

One of the most important steps in keeping your clothing items in perfect condition is placing them in the right environment. Clothing should be kept in a dry and dark space for long durations.

A professional storage company will keep them in a wooden vault with climate-controlled facilities. This environment will ensure your clothing remains unaffected throughout the storage. 

Be Mindful of Storing Shoes

Before placing shoes in a storage container, you should ensure they are clean. If you place your shoes covered in dirt in storage, it can affect the condition of your clothing. 

Use a small bristle brush to remove the sand and dirt from the surface of your shoes. The cleaning will remove the chances of the shoes rubbing off on your valuable clothing. 

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