Student Summer Storage Options
As the spring semester is nearing its close, many challenges begin to unfold for students who have to move out of their residence halls or off-campus housing. Students are faced with the predicament of deciding where to store their belongings over the summer or during their semester abroad. There is always the option to take your belongings home with you, but taking the bed, desk, TV and extra dressers home with you, only to bring them back in three months, can be an aggravating and costly task. A better option for most students, especially those from out of state, is to use summer storage.

A moving company may provide special services for students during the summer vacation to provide affordable solutions for their storage items:

Summer Storage Program
  • Students may bring their items to a general collection area on campus
  • All items are stored in a bonded, temperature-controlled warehouse
  • 3 months of storage often includes free pickup and delivery on campus
Ship-It-Home Program
  • Parcel shipping service for students includes pickup from campus using a freight service such as UPS or FedEx
  • Economical ground or air express, may offer a discounted price
  • Custom packing for fragile or high value items
Senior Store ‘n Ship
  • For high school graduates heading to college
  • Summer storage plus fall shipping to new college/dorm
Self-Storage Units
  • Monthly fee based on size of storage unit
Although there are costs to using a storage service, one must consider the cost of replacing items, like furniture, when moving from residence to residence. Students are constantly changing their housing arrangements from dorms to ap artments or ap artments to off-campus houses. When students return home for the summer, these items have to be left in the dorm or residence, sold, given away, packed up, or brought home. Most storage facilities offer year-round storage options such as mini-storage units. Self-storage provides many benefits to students and their parents, such as 24/7 access and affordable prices.