Moving with Pets
Moving can be a stressful time for adults and children, but for pets, it can also be a very confusing experience. You can take some simple precautions that will keep these precious members of your family safe and relatively stress-free during your move. Tip # 1 When you begin the packing process, and the regular layout of your home is disrupted with boxes and furniture all over the place, it’s a good idea to establish a stable area for your pet to stay in that remains the same and has their familiar items, such as blanket/bed, toys, food and water bowls. This is very reassuring to animals, who do not understand changes to their environment as easily as humans. Tip # 2 Ensure that your pet is wearing an identification tag with your name, address and phone number, just in case he/she becomes frightened and bolts away through an open door or window. Also bring a leash and collar for walking your pet before travel, during travel if you take a break, and for when you reach your destination. Tip #3 Air travel – Check your airline’s requirements, as they may allow pets such as cats, dogs, pet rabbits or household birds to travel in a carrier with you on the plane. Obtain your pet’s shipping container a few weeks before your flight to familiarize your pet with it. Tip # 4 Car travel – If your pet is not used to traveling by car, acclimate him/her with short trips prior to the move day. On move day, be sure to bring a seat cover or blanket, paper towels, water, food and toys to make the trip as comfortable as possible. A collar and leash are very important if you are traveling with your dog. Tip # 5 State and Local Animal Laws – Check with the appropriate agency of the state you are moving to, to be sure you have your pet’s interstate health certificate in order. Some pets require an entry permit as well. Tip # 6 When you reach your new home, keep your pet inside the home and slowly acclimate it to your new surroundings. Cats should stay inside for several weeks before you let them out, to prevent them from trying to find their old home. Your pet has to adjust to his/her new surroundings just like you and your family, so take your time and explore your new home safely and carefully!