Arnoff Moving & Storage launched our 90th anniversary celebration on Monday, March 24, with a ribbon cutting at our Poughkeepsie NY office.

On hand to cut the ribbon were the company’s fifth generation family members Nicholas Arnoff, Warehouse Fleet Manager; Craig Arnoff, CPA & Branch Accountant; and Dan Arnoff, Business Development manager.  The event, sponsored by the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, was attended by nearly 100 business owners, customers and friends.

“The Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce is so proud to count Arnoff Moving & Storage among its members, and we congratulate them on 90 years in business,” said Charles S. North, President and CEO. “I have personally used Arnoff and I can tell you their services are outstanding. We wish them at least another 90 years of success.”

Arnoff Moving & Storage was founded in 1924 by Russian immigrants Abraham Arnoff and his son, Louis.  The company has grown today to include more than 160 employees, six warehouse locations in New York, Connecticut and Florida, and a fleet of more than 200 company-owned trucks, trailers and flatbeds including specialized high-cube climate-controlled trailers.  The company provides mini warehouses in New York and Connecticut, along with portable self-storage throughout the Hudson Valley.

“I have seen many transformations in our business and have enjoyed the success that Arnoff Moving & Storage has accomplished.  Transformations require extraordinary energy.  Employees must fundamentally re-think and re-shape the business while continuing to run it day to day.  I have always tried to give guidance that will assist at reaching this goal,” said Richard Arnoff, CEO of Arnoff Moving & Storage.

When the housing market crashed and families stopped moving the Arnoff’s reshaped their business to include moving multi-million dollar semi-conductor and other high-value manufacturing equipment, cell phone towers and solar power components.

“I am proud of what our family has accomplished,” said Michael Arnoff, President, Arnoff Moving & Storage.   “Our industry has changed a lot over the years and we have been able to meet those challenges head-on. We’ve adapted while still remaining true to our core business of moving.”

Arnoff Moving & Storage will commemorate the 90th anniversary with a series of celebration activities over the course of the year.  To learn more visit or “like” us at

Photos by Al Lemberger