Arnoff Crew Members

As part of Arnoff's safety and quality campaign, we hold “toolbox talks.”  These short learning meetings are meant to keep safety front and center in our minds and are designed to heighten our awareness of workplace hazards and safe work practices. 


It is important to start each job with a few warm-up exercises, such as back twists, hamstring stretches, and knee-ups or jogging in place for two minutes.  This helps keep muscles limber and prepared for lifting.

When lifting heavy items:

• Moving large, heavy, or bulky items is a TWO-person job.

• Keep your head looking straight ahead (do not turn your head  to side).

• Get firm footing — keep your feet about shoulder width for best stability.

• Bend your knees and keep your back straight.  Do NOT bend at your waist.

• Tighten your stomach muscles before lifting (prevents stress on your spine).

• Keep the object as close to your body as possible.

• Lift with your legs, NOT your back muscles

• Absolutely do NOT twist your body.

• If you are straining, get help.

Carrying & using hump straps:

• Be sure that you have received instructions on using a hump strap prior to the job!

• Carry objects as close to body as possible.

• Hump straps are 16 ft nylon lifting straps to assist in carrying oversized objects.

• Lay hump strap on floor; the object will be over the strap.

• Wrap strap over the object and tie knot on top.

• Bend your knees and lift and carry.

• Take small steps when carrying heavy objects.

• Position the object, lowering it into place by slowly bending your knees until object touches the ground.