This Wednesday, Michael Arnoff, President of Arnoff Global Logistics and Arnoff Moving and Storage, Inc. participated in an event hosted by the Center for Economic Growth, titled “Launch of the Analysis of New York’s Capital Region High Tech Economy” at Pat’s Barn in the Rensselaer Tech Park.  Michael, along with a group of panelists which included representatives from prestigious companies such as Global Foundries and Panalpina were asked to speak about supply chain, manufacturing and development in the Capital Region and it’s surrounding areas.

Supporting Mr. Arnoff was his son Craig Arnoff, Finance Manager and myself, Chris Kwoka, Marketing Manager for the Arnoff companies.  We had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and learn more about the study being done that is analyzing the emergence of New York’s “Tech Valley.” The study is intended to provide regional analysis directly relevant for policymakers and business makers.  The approach will be to present clear, readable description of the achievements, methods used, and current challenges facing the region. The interview with key players and mining historical data will be crucial for practical relevance.

Michael Arnoff, after defining the supply chain, stated that “The segments we provide include but are not limited to logistics management, transportation, freight forwarding and warehousing and distribution. We may offer one segment to a client or we may offer all four segments to a client, but we are capable of contributing all four making Arnoff a key choice and one stop shop that fills the gap in the supply chain for companies and organizations.”

Arnoff provides dependable supply chain solutions including “transportation services from simple van service and courier service all the way up on-site custom crate building for fine arts for museums, laboratories and medical equipment moving and storage. Arnoff has the solutions without borders.” 

“The evolution of the company started with the demand for larger jobs and more sophisticated contracts in turn creating Arnoff’s variety of niche markets calling for bigger, better, faster equipment, trucks and trailers.  Technology is becoming important at Arnoff as we are implementing GPS tracking into our trucks and trailers so our clients can know where their products are at all times providing efficiency in planning, scheduling and preparation for their delivery.  We want to be able to track within 100 feet, where every order is at all times!”

Michael stated the reason for staying in Albany for so many years is due to its “strategic demographics, strong customer base built over the years as well as the increase in population and because I realize I’m from a pretty awesome area.” After telling a story about the time in college when he brought a friend from NJ to visit the Hudson River and Adirondack region, a story told from the heart.

“We were at IBM before there was a fab, and we have a crew there now.  In 1984 we ventured into the first “clean room” and the evolution of our company has been around moving sensitive artwork and antiques. It’s part of who we are starting back in 1924 with my grandparents moving sensitive items.”

Whether it's transporting high-value products securely and efficiently, providing delivery services, or any other logistical assignment, Arnoff Global Logistics has you covered.

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