Arnoff Truck

In mid-July the executive team at Arnoff Global Logistics flew across the country to attend Semicon West in San Francisco, CA. The purpose of their trip was to explore new technologies but also inform the large exhibiting community that they are ready to take on any and all of the industry’s logistical needs.  The Arnoff team presented an array of services including, specialized transportation, rigging and install, crating and warehousing.  When it comes to working with the Semiconductor industry Dan Arnoff, Director says “bring it on, there is no logistical need Arnoff can’t provide a solution for!” Aside from Arnoff Global Logistics, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, NY Loves Nanotech of CEG, Global Foundriesand Bess Tech are among the companies and organizations that traveled from Albany, NY to San Francisco for theSemicon West conference.

The annual 3-day trade show ran from July 14th to July 16th. It brings together some of the biggest names in the semiconductor industry, including Applied Materials, Global Foundries, Intel, TSMC, Nikon and Samsung. Supply chain vendors, analysts, entrepreneurs and scientists showcase products and applications and present research to attendees from around the world.  The Arnoff executives met a wide variety of exhibitors and focused their time meeting new prospects.  It was “a display of positive growth of the industry, with inspiring new inventions and numerous innovative start-up companies!” says Dan Arnoff.

According to, NY Loves Nanotech works to attract investments, create jobs and stimulate the economic climate of Tech Valley as well as the entire state of New York. The marketing strategy has a multi-pronged approach, involving tradeshow participation, business development events, one-on-one targeted sales calls, special regional events and marketing/PR campaigns all focused on promoting a region capable of supporting these and other convergent industries.

Last week, Arnoff Global Logistics coordinated an oversized, high value move that originated in Paris, France and was picked up at port in New Jersey to be brought on a 3 day haul to its final home in Vermont, USA.  State regulations required this 14+ foot crate to move through 6 states from NJ to VT because the size of the crate and the roads fit for safe passage.  The maximum width of a legal vehicle is 8 feet 6 inches, anything beyond that is classified as over-dimensional.  First step was attaining permits, coordinating multiple state police escorts and certified escorts, and negotiating a mapped out plan on special streets and highways to get this crate to destination! Aside from attaining all the collateral, the next step is to pray for good weather.  If there is any rain, the trucks are taken off the road until the streets are dry.  The crate made it safely without issue.  Large projects such as this are becoming commonplace here at Arnoff Global Logistics. 

For 91 years, The Arnoff family prides themselves by moving your family safely whether you have a studio apartment in New York City or you have a 10 bedroom mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. Our residential moving has been a leading factor of success for the company, with a highly trained and seasoned staff, huge fleet of vehicles and trailers, self and portable storage, forklifts, and rigging equipment. Today, the Arnoff Global Logistics team focuses on an assortment of diverse customers from the art galleries of Lower Manhattan to the computer chip makers of Silicon Valley

Arnoff is not only a service provider for the semiconductor industry, but also manufacturer of crates and packaging materials for high value items. Please inquire on our website form anytime or call us at 888-430-9542, Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.