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Summer should get a speeding ticket, it just goes too fast! There are still many people arranging last-minute moves before the fall or winter is in full swing. Even though moving can be a stimulating time, it can also be overwhelming. At Arnoff Moving & Storage, we know all about guiding clients through these stressful moves. We have 91 years of experience doing household moves, however Arnoff also specializes in dozens of other professional services including rigging, crating, high-end moves, portable and self-storage, office relocation, furniture restoration and expert logistics and ocean freight, a full list that you can find on our website at

Ideally people need a minimum of eight weeks to prepare, plan, and pack for a move.  So if a quick move is your immediate plans, here is what we recommend:

·  Decide whether you need to use a moving company or not. This is your most important decision!  The benefits a moving companies provides saves people headaches, backaches, liability and stress. Besides the expert truck driver and man power, packing and custom crating capabilities, specialized equipment, efficiency, they may offer storage - both portable and on-site, junk removal and much more! Moving is nowhere near easy street, so unless you have a staff of people, trucks, and lots of spare time, let the experts do it for you.  Call or contact them immediately.

·  Smart and safe packing. Acquire and/or buy the packing supplies you need which include boxes, packing tape, bubble roll, newspaper, garbage bags, mattress bags, moving blankets and in some cases rope or string.  This is another service that moving companies do offer to save you the trouble.  A packing crew is very popular in most cases and limits the risk of breaking valuable items.  So before you buy these items, see if it want it included in your move.

·  Make 3 piles that include keep, donate, and toss. Whatever order you choose to do them in, just make sure you have them clearly labeled.  Toss the junk that’s in the way. Usually getting rid of the junk is a great primary task in itself and can require a container if there is a lot that you need to throw out.  Face it, some of us may have junk from relatives that have passed on or even items that were procrastinated to throw away or were too heavy to take to the dump. Whatever the case, if you haven’t used it in years and it’s collecting dust, then toss it! Donate items to charity.  The things you need to donate, put into plastic garbage bags or boxes and bring to the Salvation Army and to clothing drop bins, your local church, synagogue or religious centers.  Also, call up local charities and maybe they will come and pick up your donations.  One less worry. The “keep” items are the most important.  Fill a special box or briefcase with moving day essentials like medicine, toiletries, paper goods, all documents related to closing and settlement of homes, checkbooks, phone charger, sweater, cash and snacks.  Along with this box, label all the things you want to keep and whatever can fit in a box, place them and label them.  Make sure you wrap anything fragile or let the pros do it for you.  Usually heavier items on the bottom of the box.

·  Clean out your fridge, freezers, and pantry. Unplug, defrost and dry out your refrigerators and freezers at least 24 hours before the move day, that way you won’t have to worry about it among the shuffle. Additionally, avoid packing liquids as they can expand, explode and ruin other items you’ve packed.

·  Plan out where you want your furniture to go in your new home.  If the movers are bringing in the furniture, color code with tape or label the boxes for upstairs or downstairs and/or section of the house, so while the heavy lifters are still on premises, make the most out of it.  Also, label your boxes on all 4 sides, so that when they are stacked your movers know exactly where to unload your items.

·  Schedule everything! Make sure you call the moving company as soon as you are certain you’re moving to ensure availability, usually ONE to TWO months prior to your move is best but usually not likely, therefore ASAP. Schedule elevator access. If you are moving into or out of a condominium or apartment building with elevator access, you may need to reserve use of the elevator or freight elevator for a block of time on moving day.  If you need a container or dump trailer, make sure you schedule it so you give yourself time.  Usually they can be rented on a weekly basis.  Also schedule a painter, cleaner, handyman if your lease requires the apartment or home maintained a certain way. 

These are some quick tips from Arnoff Moving & Storage to make your moving day easier and less stressful. If you or someone you know is moving, give us a call at 888-430-9542 or fill out the form on our website,