When it comes time to move into a new home, money can be tight due to closing fees, deposits, and other new home costs. The price of getting your items moved to your new home shouldn’t stress you out even further. In fact, there are many ways that you can save money during your move if you can figure out how to get moving on a budget. 

Hiring moving companies allows you to get your belongings moved professionally and efficiently. Choosing a reputable mover such as Arnoff Moving and Storage can take out a lot of stress of the whole moving process. Today, we are going to look at a few different ways you can save money during your next move.

Get Multiple Quotes

Much like any other type of service, you can save a lot of money by shopping around and getting multiple quotes. You will want to be aware of moving scams and make sure to only hire professional movers. It is very easy to get lured in by rock bottom prices so be sure to find a reputable moving company. See If You Can Do Some Things Yourself To Save On Services

After speaking with your moving company, ask if there is anything that you can do yourself to help lower the costs. In your initial quote, you may have things that you can do to help remove them from the final bill. This will depend on the type of move you are having done and what you’re having done.

Have a Storage Solution

When it comes to moving, some people may not be able to fit all of their belongings into a new home. This usually requires having to rent a storage unit. While storage can be quite affordable and is a great option for those that need them, this might not always fit into your budget. 

To help save some money, you can ask family and friends if you can store some items at their home until you find an appropriate place for them. Alternatively, you can see what kind of deal you can get by adding a storage service to your existing move quote. 

Ask Friends & Family To Help With Packing

Even if you have hired a professional moving company, moving on a budget likely means not selecting a full-service move with packing services included. In this case, you’ll need to pack yourself. This can be very time-consuming, especially if you are having to take off work to do it. Ask family and friends to help and get the job done quicker and cheaper.

Move During the Off-Season

The moving season usually falls in May when kids are getting out of school. This is the easiest time for families to move without disrupting school schedules. By moving later in the year when fewer people move, you can take advantage of lower-priced deals. Try moving right after school starts, later in the fall, or in the winter for the best price quotes.

Premier Moving Services From Arnoff Moving & Storage

Since 1924, Arnoff Moving and Storage has been providing industry-leading moving services for the greater Northeast area. We’re  proud to make moving a pleasant and enjoyable experience for households and commercial owners making local and long-distance moves—and we’d love to help make your move stress-free every step of the way. 

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