While it would be nice to just snap your fingers and be done with the moving process, relocation isn’t magic—and it will take work to complete. However, there’s no better feeling than the one you get after a clean, streamlined move, and the effort you put into planning, organizing, and executing your relocation can make the experience feel similar to magic. 

At Arnoff Moving & Storage, we’re always encouraging homeowners to do everything they can to make their transition into a new home a positive experience. There’s nothing worse than a chaotic move, which is why it’s worth it to find out how to streamline the moving experience in every way possible. Along with high-quality, professional moving services, our best tip for making relocation a success is to lighten your load before packing.

Create a Plan of Action

Call a family meeting to discuss the packing process, and to announce your plans to declutter your home. Getting everyone involved will make the process easier for the entire household, and put everyone on the same page as far as expectations for relocation. Your family meeting should address and define the following questions:

  • What kind of items should be donated?
  • What kind of items should be sold?
  • What should be thrown away?
  • Who’s responsible for which room?
  • What kind of items are we definitely keeping?
  • What do we do with things we’re selling, donating, throwing away, or keeping?

Once you have determined the answers to these questions, everyone will be responsible for revising and sorting their own belongings.

Set Official De-Cluttering Days

After the meeting, there should be a date set aside as the official de-clutter day. On that day, all items set aside for donation or trash should be addressed accordingly. You can make this day flow smoothly by arranging for trash pick-up and calling ahead to find out which locations are accepting which donations. Places like Goodwill or Salvation Army are nearly always safe bets.

If you’ve decided to sell items, you can either list them on online marketplaces or garage sale apps, or hold an actual garage sale. Give yourself time to sell items if you’re on a timeline for moving—especially if you’re selling things online. 

Plan Short Packing Sessions

Once you’ve gotten rid of your unwanted items, packing will be a lot easier. Even so, the packing process can be long, tiresome, and exhausting. The best way to make the burden feel lighter at this point is to commit to a couple of hours a day for packing over a long period of time instead of doing it all at once. 

Professional Packing Services

Perhaps the best way to lighten the load of packing is to take advantage of comprehensive moving services from a team of professional movers. Not only can they pack your belongings for you, they can also load, transport, and unpack too. Whether you’re moving near or far, full-service packing options can make your entire moving process a whole lot easier.

Full-Service Moving Solutions from Arnoff Moving & Storage

At Arnoff Moving and Storage, we’re proud to be one of the East Coast’s best-known and most trusted long-distance movers since 1924. We pride ourselves on our ability to accept a wide variety of moving requests, with fair, affordable pricing and unmatched customer service. 

If you’re interested in making your next relocation a breeze, we can help you. Give our team at Arnoff Moving & Storage a call now, or fill out our online form to schedule a free, in-home moving estimate.