Moving, whether near or far, requires careful planning and preparation to be successful. The most time consuming part of moving is packing, and it’s usually not something people look forward to. If that sounds like you, don’t get stressed out just yet. 

As one of the area’s most trusted moving companies with nearly 100 years of experience, Arnoff Moving & Storage understands how overwhelming the process of moving can be and we’re here to help! Check out a few of our favorite tips to help make packing for your move easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. 

Know What You’re Packing

It might sound silly, but the first step in packing is to know what you’re taking with you. Over time, you accumulate things and it can be easy to forget how much stuff you actually have. Going through your home and deciding what items you’ll be moving to your new location ensures that you won’t waste time boxing up items you don’t want or need anymore. 

Pack Early 

Wondering when it’s the right time to start packing? The answer is as soon as possible. Once you have a moving date set, it’s time to start packing. Creating a calendar and setting mini-goals can help make the process seem less stressful. 

Start with More Difficult Areas

There’s nothing worse than packing for days on end and still feeling defeated by how much you have left to do. That’s why one of the best packing tips is to begin in areas used for storage, like a basement, garage, or attic. Starting with the rooms that require the most work is a great way to stay on task and remain motivated.

Label Your Boxes

It’s not uncommon for people to skip this step, but taking the extra few minutes to label each box means unpacking at your new home or business will be much more efficient. Label your boxes according to the contents, the room they belong in, or any other grouping system that works for you. You can even write special handling requirements if you want, ensuring your items are moved safely and properly.

Want to make packing for a move even easier? Get in touch with the experienced movers and packers at Arnoff Moving & Storage today to find out more about our comprehensive moving and storage solutions. Give us a call, or complete our online quote form to request your no-cost, no-obligation estimate of moving costs.