In this edition of Experts in the Field, I had the opportunity to shadow Mike Gullo for a few hours and get to know a man who others describe as “a great leader and mentor” to those he works with. Mike was part of the team moving offices from the old Dutchess Services location in Poughkeepsie to the new location in Hyde Park on this day.

team doing an office relocation in Poughkeepsie

Arnoff Moving & Storage is a family-owned business that has been around for 96 years, considering their employees as part of the family. For 25 consecutive years, Mike has been part of the Arnoff family. He has been there to see the fifth generation of Arnoffs grow with the company - from their days sweeping in the warehouse into the leadership roles of today.

Mike started his career as a helper and did not stop there. Over the course of the 25 years, he has been a helper, operations dispatcher, and oversaw warehouses. Today, he is a Supervisor for our Office & Industry sector which primarily handles commercial based moving and rigging services. No job he cannot do; Mike is the go-to guy around here.

After all these years, what has been the most memorable job? Well, there are too many to count! Ones that stuck out in Mike’s mind are jobs that run around the clock. Big office moves where the job requires teams to work day and night to get personnel and all their supplies moved and ready to go in a new location in as little time as possible.

Team moving a printing press during an office relocation in Poughkeepsie

Not everyone loves a customer service-based job, but that’s Mike’s favorite part. Every day, he gets to meet new and interesting people. (Name dropping a few friendly Hudson Valley celebs like Jessica Lange and the late Sam Shepard).

When he’s not working, Mike enjoys watching sports and getting in some basketball with his son. (Fun Fact: Mike’s son worked for a few years at Arnoff too!). When looking forward to the days of safe travel, Mike wants to visit Ireland and Italy, or spend some vacation time with family in South Carolina.

Mike moving pieces from an office relocation in Poughkeepsie

When asked something interesting about himself, Mike didn’t have much to say. Nic Arnoff, Corporate Fleet Manager, gave me a few details to share about the humble man.

"Mike is calm, cool, and collected. Even after long and stressful days, Mike doesn’t let frustrations get to him. He has a calm demeanor that positively affects those around him. A great leader and mentor to all."