Poughkeepsie, NY –“National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for America to pay respect and thank all the professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs.” (American Trucking Association, trucking.org)

We have all come to learn what it means to be an ‘Essential Worker’: medical professionals and first responders, grocery store and sanitation workers, and many others including the truck driver. These were the people we leaned on most when the pandemic hit, and our world changed. While many were able to ‘pause’ and shift to working from home, essential workers faced the storm head on.

As an essential business we continued to work through the pandemic. On our moving industry side, we continued to serve our customers to help them relocate, with many moving to be closer to family or to leave densely populated areas. Our drivers worked in New York state at the epicenter of the crisis and continue to travel across the country as we work through the pandemic. They continue to maintain the supply chain of our logistics clients and get resources where they need to go. And, as more people were shopping from home and the e-commerce industry grew, our transportation of these goods to the consumer also increased. We provided storage solutions to our community non-profits in need and helped transport goods to help these organizations support those greatly impacted by the pandemic.

We would not have been able to do any of this without truck drivers. They are the reason we can continue to run our business and provide continued services to our customers.

This week, we ask you to join us in thanking a truck driver for their dedication to the work. This has been a difficult year for us all, and these men and women have stepped up to face the difficulties presented by the pandemic to keep our economy moving.

"Arnoff is proud to recognize our drivers, not just this week, but all year round. We value our team members who go above and beyond to safely deliver to our customers,” says Mike Arnoff, President of Arnoff Moving & Storage. “Although safety has always been a priority to our company, this year especially has been one where safety and security is of utmost importance for our team members, our customers, and our community. This year has been proof of what we have known for a long time - that truck drivers truly are the backbone of our business and this country's economy. We commend their work every day and are proud to have these drivers as part of the Arnoff family."

This year, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week takes place September 13-19.

If you are looking for an opportunity and wish to become a driver for Arnoff Moving & Storage or Arnoff Global Logistics, please email jobs@arnoff.com.