Our featured experts in the field this month are dedicated duo, Kim & Jason Hebert. Everything about them is unique: from the items they transport, to the company they keep. As Arnoff's only married team, Kim, Jason, and the pups Sammy and Sophie travel nearly every day together.

Kim & Jason are both Class A CDL drivers with Arnoff. Class A is a specific commercial driver’s license needed for the operation of trucks and trailers over a certain weight. Before joining Arnoff four years ago, they were owner/operators working for another logistics company as part of its critical division. That included transporting items such as explosives or pharmaceuticals. At Arnoff, many of their runs include moving high-value paintings, sculptures, and other extremely sensitive freight.

“Kim & Jason have mastered the ‘art’ of moving everything artwork and beyond. They take pride in their jobs, their cargo, their equipment, and the Arnoff company,” says Danté DeSantis, Senior Accounts Manager. “The Heberts have moved some of the most sensitive freight this company sees, most of which cannot be replicated. They truly go above and beyond in seeing that each and every piece is safe and secure.”

The two are based out of Malta, but their job takes them traveling across the country. An average work week for Jason and Kim could be Monday to Friday, and in between they are transporting items back and forth through the states. As people who travel nearly every day at work, they feel the same love for it on their off days. Their time off includes packing up the RV and continuing adventures around the country.

When asked what advice the two have for others looking to get into this type of career, they agreed: communication is key; slow down and take your time; if you’re not early, you’re late; and be a team player. And always go to the bathroom before you leave.

As a married couple that works so closely together, Kim & Jason get this one question a lot, “How do you deal with each other all the time?” As Kim puts it, “You don’t push any buttons while in the truck, because you can’t leave and slam the door when on the road.” Great advice to any driving team!

Quick Facts

  1. The team once transported a live polar bear named Cranbeary
  2. Kim loves crafting and can do it while on the road
  3. Some of the photos included are taken with Jason's drone
  4. Must-See destinations include Graceland and Branson, Missouri

If you are looking for an opportunity and wish to become a driver for Arnoff Moving & Storage or Arnoff Global Logistics, please email jobs@arnoff.com.