The winter may not seem like the easiest time for a move, but these months do come with some benefits. Pricing is lower, plus there’s more availability due to a lower demand for moving services. Although the pandemic has changed how busy the seasons are, the winter is less so than warmer months.

We put together a list of preparations for your new and old home, so your move goes on without any slips or blunders.

Prepare your Old Home

  • Keep up with the forecast daily for predicted snowfall, ice, precipitation or extreme cold. Be prepared that a bad storm may cause a reschedule of your move date.
  • Shovel the driveway and sidewalks while considering extra space for dollies and movers. Keep a shovel and extra sand or salt in a bag in case your car or the moving truck gets stuck for any reason.
  • Stay warm and stay safe. Gloves, boots, and warm layers may be required for the day.
  • Do not go it alone. Daylight hours are shorter, and it can be very cold the day you move. Whether you hire a moving company or request the help from friends, the extra hands will be worth it.

Prepare your New Home

  • Have electric and other utilities set up before your move in date. This goes for any season, but especially during the winter you do not want to be without heat or power.
  • Make sure your walkways and driveway are shoveled and salted to prevent any overnight ice from accumulating. If you decided to move outside your area, then have your real estate agent check the property for you to ensure it’s safe for move in.
  • If traveling a long-distance, items inside the truck may get cold. Take care to let electronics warm up for about 24 hours before use.
Don’t be afraid of a winter move, just take the extra steps to be as prepared as possible. Everyone here at Arnoff Moving & Storage will work to make your move safe and speedy.