Tyrone Davis is a natural leader and team player. He spent four years in the Armed Forces as a Marine and soon after his military career, joined Arnoff. Starting as a helper on household moves, he worked through the ranks as foreman, supervisor, and manager. Today, Tyrone holds multiple titles: General Manager of Lower Hudson Valley Operations, Corporate General Manager of O&I and Rigging, and now Employee of the Year. The latter designation, although for 2020, stems from his skills, work ethic, and leadership over the 21+ years he has been with the company.

All those titles encompass a lot of responsibility! In essence, Tyrone plays a role in nearly everything operations in the Hudson Valley: from trucking and scheduling to office and industry moves, and any job that requires the use of heavy machinery. 

Arnoff is contracted by multiple companies to handle the transportation and installation of incredibly expensive and nearly irreplaceable equipment in the manufacturing sector. And Tyrone is the team lead for these projects. 

One of his most memorable jobs was the set up for a new facility for one of our semiconductor clients. This job took 15 months and Tyrone was responsible for overseeing a large number of people, both from Arnoff and outside the company. Between the time span and the amount of people involved, it surely made for a memorable experience.

A lot of pressure and responsibility falls onto his shoulders, and that of the team, dealing with the equipment they do. So, how does one manage a team with that responsibility? It’s all about understanding your teams’ strengths, knowing when to be there for support, focusing on coaching and improving, and building up team members. As Tyrone puts it: “he’ll always go to bat for his team.” 

His favorite part about the job is all about the teaching. He enjoys helping others develop themselves and work towards their career goals. At the same time, Tyrone enjoys learning from those before him and those he still works with today.

What advice does this Expert have for others looking to get into this career field. Three key things: Hard Work, Dedication, and Patience.

Each year Arnoff holds an awards breakfast to recognize our team members. Since we could not do our usual event, Tyrone was presented his Employee of the Year award in front a small, masked group outside of our Poughkeepsie facility. His acceptance speech was short and reflective of why Tyrone is Employee of the Year, and the embodiment of what Arnoff is and strives to be every day:

“I couldn’t have received this without all of you guys. It’s a great honor to have a great team to work with.”

Congratulations Tyrone and thank you for everything you do!

If you are looking for a new career opportunity and wish to join the Arnoff team,  email jobs@arnoff.com.