We are heading inside our offices to spotlight this month’s Expert in the Field. If you’ve moved with us, chances are you’ve spoke with Denise Peterson.

Our Customer Service Supervisor, Denise plays an integral role in nearly every move for our company. She coordinates household and international moves, helps with military moves and commercial jobs with our rigging team. After someone has booked a move, Denise becomes the liaison between customers and team and helps the customer through their move.

When Denise was applying for a job with Arnoff she said, at her second interview, she “felt at home.” That feeling hasn’t changed as this past December, she celebrated 21 years with the company.

Through the many years, one of Denise’s favorite parts of the job is meeting our VIP customers. It’s amazing how many prominent figures call the Hudson Valley home. Even she gets a little starstruck, reminiscing about the time we moved a former president of a well-known record label.

Moving is said to be one of life’s most stressful events. Denise’s goal is to try and take away some of that stress from our customers. Sitting at the computer, fielding emails and phone calls, may not be the most exciting job to everyone, but her role plays such an important part in the company’s mission to provide the best experience to our customers. 

A recent family we moved said, "she was very helpful every step during a daunting process. Every concern was addressed with an easy solution. Great to have her help through it all.”

We cannot count the number of times we receive a review that mentions her by name. She truly leaves a lasting impression on every customer.

In her position at Arnoff, Denise speaks with a lot of families and they tell her about their lives. She loves getting to know, and occasionally meet, our customers. Cindy Lewin (and nearly every member of her family) has used Arnoff services many times over the years. Recently, Cindy’s sister moved into a senior living community, the very same one that Denise works at when she’s not at Arnoff. Denise took the time to stop by the move and meet a family she’s spoken with so many times. 

“Denise is very kind and caring, and it was so nice to see her in person and put a face to the voice,” says Cindy.

What advice does Denise have for others?

“Stay motivated, positive, and determined. Things can be stressful, and it’s important to never quit; just keep focus and keep going.“