Each year, our team gets together to reflect on the past year, discuss goals, and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of our team.

This year, due to the pandemic, we were unable to have this event. While nothing can replace our in person get together, we went virtual to observe the years of service and outstanding contributions that have been made by members of our team - and the positive impact our team members have, within the company and within our communities.

5 Years                                              20 Years
     Tyre Coleman                                    Brian Gemmel
     Sean McMahon                                 Mike Cavanaugh
     Mike Green                                        
     Martin Krieck
     Sean Rondeau
     Chris Meehan
25 Years                                           30 Years
     Vivian Varin                                       Phil DeSantis
     Mike Gullo
35 Years                                           40 Years
     David Feldman                                 Mike Arnoff

     John Alsapedi                                  Kim Hebert
     Scott Killmer                                    Kevin O'Dell
     Robert Vandermark, Jr.                   Scott White
     Calvin Lawrence                             Curtis Stout
     John Hubbard                                 James Acevedo
     Nikolai Gotmanow
     Martin Krieck                                    As-Samad Howland
     Will Benedetto                                 Nicholas Decowski
     John Dufresne                                 Dennis Farrell
     Joshua Legnante                             Jimi McCarthy
     Peter Rafferty                                  Jason Finch
     Tyre Coleman                                  William Hubbard
     Delano Campbell                             Mike Gullo

David Osterhoudt

Rookie of the Year  - Kayleigh Mayer
Anything, Anywhere Award - Duke Miller
Employee of the Year - Tyrone Davis
Team of the Year - Curtis Stout, Peggy Hurley & Kyle McConnell
Drivers of the Year - John Hubbard (Malta) & Calvin Lawrence (Poughkeepsie)
Warehouse Persons of the Year - Mike Costa (Malta) & PJ Leo (Poughkeepsie)

Congratulations to all and thank you to our entire team for all your hard work and dedication, especially through this difficult year. We would also like to thank our community partners for sending in thank you videos that we can share with our staff. Our teams' work is truly appreciated within our company and our community.