Many know the five-generation family that is Arnoff Moving & Storage. Did you know there’s another family that plays a big role in the business? This month, we focus on a whole family of Experts. The Cavanaugh's make up four members from three generations that together encompass over 65 years of experience with the company. (pictured right to left: Billy Sr., his two sons, Mike & Billy Jr., and Jr’s son Jake)

Billy Cavanaugh Jr.

It all started with Billy Jr. Like many, he started as a helper, then became a driver, worked in rigging and crating, and now he’s senior corporate rigging manager. Currently, you’ll find Billy offsite, overseeing a long-term job to retool a manufacturing facility.

During his 22 years at Arnoff, one of Billy’s most memorable jobs was when we were working on cell phone towers. To get to these towers, the crew had to travel by helicopter every day to access the site. This was certainly something new he had never done before, and that’s his favorite part of the job. There’s always something different to tackle and he loves the challenge of it.

Billy Cavanaugh Sr.

Billy Sr. started at Arnoff just a few days after his son. He had been a Class B driver for many years before finding a place at Arnoff. He loved driving because being out on the road, “you get to be your own boss.” He would later become a commercial supervisor and work in our crate shop. Billy helps wherever he can, including maintenance and minor repair work.

What advice does Senior have for others? “Learn as much as you can. You’ll always be able to use what you’ve learned.”

Mike Cavanaugh

Mike was the third in the family to join Arnoff. One day, his father came home from working at Arnoff and said they could use help. That day would be the beginning of 20 years and counting. Mike also started as a helper on household moves. He would later become an O&I Supervisor where he learned a lot working on office moves of hundreds of staff members and overseeing large crews.

He received encouragement early on from Mike Arnoff to not be afraid to make change, believe in yourself, and push forward. He follows through with that advice every chance he gets. Mike is now general manager of Malta operations and is always forward thinking and focusing on what more we can do.

His favorite part of the job is what he can give back from what he has learned, not only to his team members but also to his community. Mike is involved in countless areas of his community, from coaching sports teams to working with schools to help students find employment and has helped our company be more involved in the community as well.

Jake Cavanaugh

Jake, the youngest and newest member has quickly showed his expertise. When he started three years ago, he was working with our final mile delivery service, learning the ropes of loading and inventory management. Today he is a night supervisor for our final mile services, leading a small team that helps prep for the next day of deliveries. 

With his family as great examples, Jake’s been able to take on a lot of responsibility in a short amount of time. Although young, he has a few words of advice for others. “Be open-minded. If you come in thinking you’re going to have a bad day, you will.”

We’re proud to be a family-run company, and grateful to have multiple generations of families, as part of our team.

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