With peak moving season right around the corner, Spring may be one of the best times to move. The busy season, mid-May to mid-September, sees higher pricing and lower availability. There are still a few more weeks before we hit prime moving days and now’s the time to take advantage of what spring moves have to offer.

Book Early

No matter what season you’re moving during, it’s best to begin making arrangements as soon as you possibly can. As the temperatures go up, availability for movers goes down. Even if you don’t have a set move date, give Arnoff Moving & Storage a call to begin your free quote process and be that much more ahead of the game.


Take spring cleaning to a whole new meaning. It’s time to clear out anything you no longer want or need. If you’re hiring a moving company, you pay based on what gets loaded in the truck. And, if you’re doing the work yourself, by cleaning out it’s that much less you have to carry.

Spring weather is a great time to have a yard sale and there are so many local organizations that will gladly take your donations of pre-loved clothing, furniture, toys and more.

Bonus: clearing out your house will make it look better for potential buyers. Find out what storage solutions we have for help with decluttering your home.

Avoid Scammers

As we mentioned, the moving season brings on limited availability for moving companies. This is where scammers prey on those who are desperate. Know how to spot potential scammers and rely on a trusteed moving company like Arnoff Moving & Storage.


Although the weather may be warmer, you know how the saying goes: “April showers…”

As much as you plan to make your move easy, there is always uncontrollable factors like rain that can add difficulty to the moving process. We have a few tips you can do to help stay safe and dry if the skies open on your move day.

  • Whether you have your own vehicle or bringing in a moving company, get as close to the house or apartment as you can. You can reserve street parking with your local city/town for the day.
  • Packing tape and cardboard are your friends. Most sturdy boxes (like the ones professional movers use) can hold up to a little bit of rain. Plus, packing tape adds an extra layer of sealant to the box.
  • Use tarps and plastic wrap on furniture. If you’re using a moving company, they will have the supplies to keep your items safe.
  • Put down cardboard through the entryways to protect floors against the weather you’re bringing inside. Another thing that your moving company will cover for you.

Just remember, when it comes to moving, you don’t have to go alone. A professional team like Arnoff Moving & Storage can provide full packing services along with moving so you don’t have to lift a finger.