We went behind the scenes to find our Expert in the Field for April. Whether it’s in the crate shop building containers for our clients or making sure our facilities are snow free, you can find Sean McMahon everywhere at our Poughkeepsie facility. 

Decades ago, this Manhattan transplant moved to the area to start his family. Before joining Arnoff, Sean worked in carpentry, mechanics and on steel structures. After owning his own business for many years, it was time to think about retirement. As you can probably guess, that wasn't the path he took. Five and a half years ago, he decided to join the A-Team and is currently our Crating and Maintenance Supervisor in Poughkeepsie. 

What does Sean love most about the work he does at Arnoff? It’s not boring! Every day and every task is different and that keeps the job interesting. Sean, who is on call 24/7, handles most of the maintenance and minor repairs - like electrical and plumbing - that our Poughkeepsie facility needs. 

You can also find him in our crate shop, which recently moved to this recently renovated space in one of our warehouses. For items of high-value or odd shape, our crate crew of Sean and Julio can create custom containers. Having the on-site capability to build these crates provides extra service for our customers and security for their items during storage or relocation. 

When asked what his most memorable experience was, Sean looked outside of work. He brings up his family as he and his wife have five kids, now all grown up and how he was proud to say he was able to be there for all their births. 

His words for others looking to be in the same line of work: “slow down and be careful, always think safety first, and do it right the first time”. A lot of the work Sean has done involves power tools, so it’s important to follow this if you “want to keep your hands and fingers.” 

In his spare time, Sean likes to work on fixing up old cars. His favorite is his ’69 Mercury Cyclone that he’s had for over 20 years and has no intention of letting it go. 

Sean is a jack of all trades around Arnoff and oversees an important service we offer to our customers. He is truly an expert at what he does and for what is needed at our Poughkeepsie facility, making him an integral part of day-to-day operations. 

Interested in joining the Arnoff team and working alongside experts like these? Email jobs@arnoff.com or visit /careers.