We are wrapping up National Moving Month by highlighting a key player in the moving process, David Osterhoudt. When a customer looks to us for their move, Dave is one of our sales consultants who visits the home to assess and provide a quote. For him, the job isn’t about selling. Anyone who has ever moved knows it can be a stressful and overwhelming process. His role is to be the expert, providing professional advice to help families through the moving process.

Dave graduated from Post College with a Bachelor’s in Management. Before joining our team, he sold beepers to businesses - Arnoff included. As we know today, beepers would not last forever and Dave would join the Arnoff team in May 1991. He is a nationally recognized, top-ranked sales representative of northAmerican Van Lines. Dave has been recognized within our company as salesperson of the year for most of the last decade, including the crazy year that was 2020. In 2021 he will be celebrating 30 years with the Arnoff team!

Dave covers the tristate area of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. He travels all over from Dutchess County, into Columbia and Putnam, and across the state lines into Litchfield and Berkshire counties.

During the quoting process, Dave will go through the home with the customer assessing what is to be moved, supplies needed, and any special services required. Getting to know people through this process is his favorite part of the job. During the pandemic we’ve been providing more video quotes, and getting to sit across a kitchen table and have that human connection is something that has been missed over the last year.

One of his fondest memories on the job happened when he was just a rookie in the field. He had the opportunity to travel with one of our crews on a move from Lakeville, CT to South Carolina, and got to see how it’s done from the other side of the process. Dave has also had the opportunity to move some celebrities who quietly reside in our area, including his favorite, a president of a well-known sports team.

What advice does Dave have for others? He says the job can be challenging, especially when providing estimates for a move. The goal is to be accurate not only for the customer but also for the moving team to best prepare them when moving day arrives. It helps to ensure that the whole experience goes smoothly.

One of our recent customers said “Dave was great to deal with. Made everything easy for a stressful life experience as we were moving out of state. Entire move went exactly as he said it would.” As a moving consultant, Dave’s role sets the course for the rest of the customer’s experience. By providing great customer service, helpful advice and expertise, and a comparable price for service we’re able to continue to exceed customer expectations. David Osterhoudt is a great person to have on your moving team.