When searching for a New York long distance moving company, there are bound to be stressors along the way. Moving your entire household somewhere entirely new can seem very intimidating, but there are tried and true ways of reducing stress for everyone in the midst of a big move. 

Whether you are moving yourself and your loved ones somewhere for work, school, family, or any reason, our team of long-distance movers at Arnoff Moving & Storage have compiled some tips to make your move to a new home more manageable.

How to Reduce Stress on Yourself 

If you are the one actively seeking out a reputable long distance moving company, one big way to make your decision easy is to read reviews online. By reading what other customers have had to say about the moving company they chose, you can get a much better idea if the moving company you are interested in is a good fit for you. Researching whether a moving company has earned any awards is another great way to find movers who are reliable. 

Choosing a trusted long distance moving company will save you the time of packaging and transporting all your belongings. Expert packers who are highly trained to move all your valuables without damaging them in the process, like our movers at Arnoff Moving & Storage, save you the money you would have spent on replacing broken valuables. 

How to Reduce Stress on Your Children 

Your children may not have to handle the financial and logistical side of a long-distance move, but they will have to deal with how it makes them feel to leave their old home. We know that compassion and understanding are always needed when telling your kids it’s time to go somewhere new, and for that, here are some tips: 

  • Focus on how the move will be a positive change. 
  • Remind your child they will make new friends. 
  • Listen when your child expresses anxiety about the move. 
  • Bring their favorite toys, games, and snacks for the road. 

How to Reduce Stress on Your Pets 

Though our four-legged friends can’t express their worries about moving to a new location with words, a long car ride and a new home can be stressful for them. Here are some ideas to make a big change feel like no big deal to our beloved cats and dogs: 

  • Bring their favorite toys and treats on the road. 
  • Get them used to their crates before the move. 
  • Introduce one new room at a time in the new home. 
  • Give them their favorite bedding on the move. 

How to Reduce Stress on Your Plants 

Yes, even plants can get stressed when traveling long distances! To ensure your plants survive and thrive through your long-distance move, we suggest you: 

  • Package plants securely so the pots won’t wiggle in the box. 
  • Water plants as regularly as you normally would. 
  • Replant outdoor plants as soon as you get to your new home. 
  • Set up potted plants as soon as you get to your new home. 

Arnoff Moving & Storage Long-Distance Movers 

If you are in need of New York long-distance movers who can expertly package your items, carefully wrap and pad your furniture for protection, and store your belongings in our huge facilities, we encourage you to check out the Arnoff Moving & Storage ratings. Our long-distance moving and van line affiliation with northAmerican Moving Services offer top-notch packing supplies, custom crating of fragile items, and a reputable service history. 

To reduce stress on yourself and everyone else in your household, we encourage you to contact the Arnoff Moving & Storage team today for a free estimate.