Our expert for July, as the saying goes around here, “was born in the back of a moving truck.” Nic Arnoff was raised in the industry and at an early age took on the passion he and the rest of the family have for the business. He loved learning about the equipment and tools we had, and of course getting to use them on the job.

Today, Nic is part of our executive team as the Corporate Fleet General Manager responsible for all rolling assets companywide. This includes not only our vast fleet of vehicles - forklifts, trucks, trailers, vans, and more - but also our extensively growing portable storage inventory.

As a member of the fifth generation of the Arnoff family, it’s hard to say when he first started his career at the company. He worked part time as a helper in the early days and later took on full time roles as operations supervisor, warehouse manager, and fleet manager starting back when we were still in Albany. Now, he splits his days between our Malta and Poughkeepsie facilities.


We’ve been honored to work with West Point for many years and one job in particular on the prestigious base stands out as most memorable to Nic. One of the buildings was getting renovated and they partnered with Arnoff to relocate furniture from the building during this process. The difficulty was transporting hundreds of pieces of furniture from the dorm rooms to the temporary location. It was certainly a big undertaking and the reason it still stands out to Nic today is because the whole team was involved in helping. Managers and crew alike worked together to get it done. It’s not surprising that Nic’s favorite part of the job is who he gets to work with. He enjoys that every day he is working alongside his family – those with the Arnoff name and those part of the extended family of team members at Arnoff.


What advice does he have for anyone looking to get into this field? “If you want something fun, something different, work at Arnoff because every day, not matter what, is different than the day before. There is always something exciting to be part of or a challenge to overcome.”

Recently, Nic received his certification to train others on the Smith System. This instructional system focuses on the basics of commercial driving to ensure safety on the road. With this designation for Nic and the team, we continue to focus on safety as a number one priority at the company.

Aside from the lineage of experts that Nic follows in the footsteps of, his long history on the job, knowledge of our equipment and systems, dedication to the team, and focus on safety now and for the future is what makes him a true expert at Arnoff.

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