Our Expert in the Field for August is someone who has been with us for a very long time. Duke Miller started with Arnoff when he was 23 years old and is rounding out 40 years and three months in Aug.

Looking for a new career opportunity, he knew of some Arnoff team members that would frequent his father’s pizza place that he worked. Duke started as a driver’s helper on moves and would eventually take on just about every position in the company, from operations and warehousing supervisor to accounting. A jack-of-all-trades. If someone had a question, the answer would be “go ask Duke” because he knew the business inside and out.

Duke’s favorite part of the job is the variety, and he’s be witness to as our company has adapted to our customers’ needs and provided new services. When Duke first started, all we did was moving!

One of his most memorable jobs is from way back in the day when we were providing relocation services for one of the local IBM facilities. When removing the computer systems (and back then these systems were much larger than what we are used to today) there were no loading docks to work out of. Holes had to be cut in the walls to get these electronics out of the building. Working over a long weekend to lessen the disruption to everyday operations, the team worked in overdrive and got the job done ahead of schedule, including the move of 750 staff offices as well.

It's a safe bet to take advice from someone who has been in the business for more than 40 years. He says “Be on time. Work as a team. Listen.” Simple words and the basics required to be successful in any position.

This edition of experts is a little different as Duke Miller has recently retired from Arnoff. Although he is no longer actively part of the Arnoff team, his experience, accomplishments, and leadership continue in what he has brought to the company. Having worked here for so long, Duke’s influence and expertise continues in those he has mentored and his teachings that have helped make our team and services the best.

This past year, Duke was awarded the "Anything, Anywhere" Award (pictured left). We say this phrase often as a local company that has a worldwide reach of services to help our customers. Duke is the personification of this award at Arnoff as his expertise and knowledge has that kind of wide reach.

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