Moving During Winter Can Be More Affordable

For most moving companies, October to March is considered the off-peak season. With less demand for people who need moving services, prices tend to be lower than they would during peak months. There is also more availability to get the date that you need to move.

Your New Home and Old Home Should be Prepared for Winter Weather

Whether it’s ensuring the utilities are turned on or keeping walkways clear and ice free, there are a few extra tasks that need to be handled to make sure your moving days are easier and safer. We have all the tips on how to prepare your homes for a winter move.

Prepare to Be Flexible

An incoming snowstorm (or any intense weather event) can make moving an unsafe experience. Although movers will work through many weather conditions, you may need to delay your move to ensure safety of all involved.

Use Extra Care of Fragile Items

Especially when making a long-distance move, your items could be in an unheated truck for an extended period of time. When unpacking your electronics, let them warm up and get to room temperature before plugging in to avoid damage to the devices.

Opt for Vault Storage

If you’re thinking you may need storage at any point during the moving process, reconsider the do-it-yourself option like self-storage or portable storage. These are not always temperature-controlled, and items may not hold up well in the cold. Vault storage keeps your items in a safe state for however long you need.

Don’t Go It Alone

Whether you partner with a professional moving company or enlist the help of friends, work with a team that will help get you out of the cold and settled into your home faster.