A common, but unfortunate, sight during moving day is a pile of unwanted belongings heading to the landfill. While it’s natural to want to downsize during a move, that doesn’t mean perfectly good items need to go to waste.

Instead of tossing your extra belongings in the trash, donate them to a local nonprofit group instead. These items are often donated to families who are starting out in a new home or for anyone looking for low-cost items that don’t add an extra burden on the environment.


Most of us have way too many clothes, more than we could ever wear, in fact. Moving is a convenient excuse to downsize your closet and learn to love the articles of clothing you already have. For those extra pieces that don’t fit anymore or you simply don’t want, donate them to Goodwill. Both organizations accept virtually any type of clothing. From shoes to belts to warm coats to socks, help these items get to someone who could get use out of them instead of letting the clothes remain at the back of your closet. Just schedule a pickup through the links above or find the nearest drop-off location near you.

Home Goods

While the Salvation Army and Goodwill also accept furniture, there are two organizations that are especially known for collecting items that help make people’s houses feel more like homes. Habitat for Humanity ReStores and Furniture Bank Network both accept use furniture in decent condition. Habitat for Humanity even takes extra building materials like spare wood, paint cans, doorknobs, window frames, and more.

Support Veterans

If you want to donate items that support a specific group, consider helping raise funds for veterans. Charitable organizations like AMVETS and Vietnam Veterans of America sell donations to raise money for veteran resources in the community. These items can also go towards veterans that are in need after returning home from service.

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