Introducing our March Expert in the Field, Mike Passino. Through experience as a driver, in the warehouse, and now on our operations team, Mike has become well-rounded in many areas of our business within his four years at Arnoff.

Before joining Arnoff, Mike considered many options for work, and eventually decided to study and train to become a truck driver. Mike earned his Class A license allowing him to drive trucks of any size, including tractor trailers, and quickly realized it opened doors, allowed him to advance in his career, and make more money.

The Beginnings at Arnoff

When Mike first started with Arnoff he had no experience in our industry, so he was started as a helper in the warehouse to begin to learn the ins and outs of what Arnoff does. Mike was eager to excel so he learned as much as he could as quickly as he could but remained patient as he felt Arnoff could be his home for the long term. Very soon, Mike was promoted into a driving position where his focus was on household goods moves, part of Arnoff’s core business. 

He was always happy to pitch in wherever he could, transporting shipments of fine art, electronics or making home deliveries.  Mike enjoyed handling the shipments of fine art as he knew he was entrusted to handle valuable, unique and one-of-a-kind items, an experience that many companies cannot offer a driver. Mike loved his budding career as a driver and the freedom being on the road offered him.

On the Move

As he continued through his time at Arnoff, he set his sights on a position in management and dedicated himself to learning everything he could and proving himself as an invaluable member of Arnoff’s team. Because of all his hard work and dedication, when a position opened, Mike was tapped for a promotion to Operations Supervisor. Although he doesn’t get to spend as much time on the open road, there’s a lot to love about the experience and responsibilities of being in the office. His role, just like many in logistics, involves a strategic mindset and problem-solving capabilities. Mike still finds the opportunity to fill in when needed and go out into the field to help with final mile deliveries or home moves.

Mike enjoys working in operations due to its challenging nature and opportunity to explore new responsibilities and work with Arnoff’s office staff. As supervisor, his day-to-day responsibilities focus on ensuring that Arnoff’s teams in the field have all of the information and equipment to execute their daily tasks, and they understand what Arnoff and our customers expect of them. He makes sure everyone gets out the door in the morning to whatever job they may be on, handles the schedules, and oversees all of our dedicated transportation services.


As someone who has been in many positions in a short time frame, he has first-hand knowledge of starting somewhere new and learning the ropes. For anyone looking to start in similar careers fields, Mike’s advice is to be patient, stick with it, and be perseverant.

Mike’s interest in taking on new roles and responsibilities within our company has shown dedication to the job, his teammates, and his own career goals.