During the relocation process, a moving company will spend most of the time moving items around your home. Whether you have furniture or electronics, movers will pick up items and navigate them through your home. 

A professional moving team will take some precautionary measures to protect your home during the moving process. While movers will come with the tools they need to prepare the home, there are tasks you can do ahead of the move. And if you're moving yourself, follow these tips to help protect your home from damage.

This blog will cover six ways a moving crew can protect your home during a move. 

Protecting Your Lawn

When taking your items from your home to the moving truck, a mover will typically take the same path that allows them to load your items the quickest. If you have landscape items in the pathway, it would be best to make the moving provider aware of the items. For items like lawn ornaments or statues, you can remove these items from your yard. Lastly, you should lay down plywood or cardboard if it has rained because footsteps could damage the grass. 

Protecting Your Floors

While walking in and out of your home, there's a chance that a moving company can track a large amount of dirt across your floor. Protect your home's carpeting with plastic wrap and minimize the number of times someone needs to walk on it. If you work with a professional moving company, they will have these concerns in mind and lay particle board to prevent damage from dollies or hand trucks.

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

Items can often scratch the wood in doorways or stairwell banisters, leaving permanent marks that affect the home's appearance. A moving provider will add blankets to the wood area that are susceptible to scratches. For a dependable option, removing the doors off the hinges and placing them in a safe area removes the worries of them getting hit. 

Protecting Window & Wall Decor

In narrow areas of the home, take down wall decor and curtains to keep them from getting in the way. Once the heavy lifting starts, these items are at risk of being hit off the walls and breaking. 

Protecting Against Spills

Spilling liquids onto the floors can stain carpeting and make cleaning the home difficult. To avoid spills during the move, you should ensure that all liquids and powders in containers are properly sealed. If you have any unwanted liquid products, you can dispose of them to prevent spillage. Liquids that are considered hazardous materials cannot by moved by professional movers. If you have any questions about what can and cannot be moved, speak with your transportation coordinator.

Protecting Your Garage Floor

The last spot a moving provider will protect is the garage. If you have stored motor oil, chemicals, or other hazardous products-you will need to dispose of them. Moving companies cannot put many of the items found in a garage into their moving truck, so it's best to throw them away. 

Work With a Trusted Moving Provider

If you want to ensure your property remains undamaged during a relocation, the best way is by working with an experienced moving company. Since 1924, our movers at Arnoff Moving & Storage have delivered reliable moving services for homeowners. We offer the following services: 

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