We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again. For reasons often out of your control, the date you plan on moving needs to be rescheduled. We see this often when a closing date get postponed; it can throw off your entire schedule!

We have some tips on how you can prepare for a “worst case scenario” and what we as movers will do to make sure you still have a smooth move, whenever that day comes.

When You Can’t Move into Your New Home as Expected

What happens when you’re set to buy a new home and the purchase doesn’t work out exactly as planned? Or your new build home just isn’t ready yet? Odds are, you’re already set to leave with the new homeowners ready to move in. So, what can you do?

The best option is to put your belongings in temporary storage. When working with a full-service moving company like Arnoff Moving & Storage, your items can be placed in temperature-controlled vaults where they will be safely stored until we can get to your new home. Rather than moving the items directly from one home to another, we add in the extra step to place in storage and plan a new date to get you moved in when ready.

When You Need to Completely Change Your Move Date

We see this happen when a home sale falls through and you’re not ready to move out. You’ve already booked your mover and have a date on the schedule. At Arnoff, we’ll work with you to reschedule and do everything we can to keep you on track as you navigate through it all, whether we’re pushing the move out for a couple weeks or a couple months.

In any situation, when you’re looking for a mover ask what their options are if any of these scenarios should occur. Straight-forward, basic movers may not be able to provide their own storage and during the busy summer season, cannot reschedule you for when you need. Often, your items end up in a random self-storage facility until you can reschedule the move. As a full-service provider, we help find the best solution for your situation and continue to partner with you until your move is complete.


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