Thinking about digging boxes out of a dumpster for your upcoming move? Think again. Your belongings are too important to toss into boxes with questionable structural integrity. Instead, choose quality moving boxes that keep your possessions safe while in transit.

Many Types of Moving Boxes

Did you know that there are many types of moving boxes? Some of the boxes professional residential movers provide for your relocation may include: 

  • Small Size Moving Boxes
    Heavy items, such as books and pans, should go in smaller moving boxes.
  • Medium Size Moving Boxes
    This size box can be used for a variety of items. As is the case with small and large boxes, it’s important not to exceed the weight limit of the box.
  • Large Size Moving Boxes
    Large moving boxes are ideal for large, lightweight items, such as blankets, winter coats, and stuffed animals.
  • Extra Tall Box
    Do you need to move tall and narrow items, such as golf clubs or fishing poles? Extra tall moving boxes are the perfect option.
  • Custom Crates
    Custom crating is an option for items that won’t fit in standard moving boxes. These custom-built wooden crates are ideal for items that require extra protection.
  • Electronics Box
    An electronics box contains thicker walls than a typical box, so it can handle the extra weight of items such as microwaves, desktop computers, and more.
  • TV Box
    Protect the screen of your flat-screen TV with a box designed specifically for this purpose.
  • Dish Pack Box
    The dividers that separate dishes, glasses, and other fragile items provide extra protection during the move.
  • Wardrobe Box
    Your delicate clothes won’t get wrinkled in transit when you use a wardrobe box. The box contains a metal rod, so you can hang the clothes just as you would in your closet.
  • Large Picture / Mirror Box
    Wall art and mirrors are protected from damage in transit with picture/mirror boxes. Plus, the box has handles to make carrying the items easier and help prevent dropping.
  • File Box
    Pack your files, documents, and personal paper in file boxes for easy transportation.
  • Mattresses Bags & Boxes
    Mattresses are expensive. Make sure yours doesn’t arrive at your new home dirty and damaged by protecting it with a mattress bag and/or box.

Use the boxes the professionals choose, from book cartons to wadrobe boxes and supplies in between. Shop online or visit our Pack & Ship stores in Poughkeepsie or Lakeville.​

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