Introducing our Expert in the Field this month, Nikolai Gotmanow. Nikolai is a CDL driver with a Class-A license. This distinction allows Nikolai to operate a vehicle, or combination or vehicles, with a gross weight of 26,001lbs or more. In our fleet, this would include a truck and trailer or flatbed.

Nikolai joined the Arnoff team in September 2016. Originally from Belarus, his work as a driver brought him all over Europe. When he immigrated to the US, he wanted to continue that line of work and find a career driving in the states. As his driving qualifications did not convert to US requirements, Nikolai took all the necessary written and driving tests for his CDL-A license, along with nine months of driving school out of Salt Lake City.

After completion of his driving requirements in the U.S., Nikolai joined the A-Team. Today, he drives on dedicated runs for one of our manufacturing customers. Each day the Nikolai transports cargo around to each of the fabs (semiconductor fabrication plant).

His favorite part about being a driver has a lot to do with the opportunity itself. In Belarus, it’s more difficult to buy a car than it is in here, so fewer people own cars or have the opportunity to drive. Nikolai has been able to travel all over the world as a driver. In Europe, his favorite places to visit were Belgium and The Czech Republic. He enjoys sightseeing along the East Coast and major cities throughout the country and is looking forward to trips with his wife to The Grand Canyon and Hollywood.

We’re proud to call Nikolai a member of our team and an expert driver in the field. At our company breakfast event in the Spring, Nikolai was awarded our Safe Driver distinction. We'd also like to congratulate him on earning his U.S Citizenship this past December!