Plenty of reasons to love a winter move! Here are some thoughts on how to better prepare for your off season move from the experts!

1. This time of year is considered off-peak for moving companies. Prices to hire professionals and rental vehicles may be more affordable compared to peak season.

2. Before move in day, check to make sure everything is working properly so you don’t arrive to a home with no heat.

3. You as the homeowner are responsible for clearing snow and ice from walkways and driveways, at both your new and old home.

4. A moving team will put down carpeting or other material to help keep floors dry and salt free.

5. If you need to store items during the winter, opt to use a professional moving company. They can provide temperature-controlled storage that is not often found with self-storage units.

6.  Keep a flexible schedule and be prepared for delays. Harsh weather conditions could impede the travel of you or your movers.

7. Opt to keep electronics with you during travel, rather than a moving truck to help keep them at a moderate temperature. If electronics get too cold, let them warm up to room temperature before turning on and using.

What other questions do you have for your winter move? Leave a comment below!