Moving can be a daunting ordeal, but hiring the right help can make all the difference. There are usually two options you can choose from to help with your move, and that is a moving company or a moving broker. As experienced residential movers here at Arnoff Moving & Storage, we will go over the main benefits of hiring a moving company vs a moving broker.

Professional Team of Movers

Working with a moving company can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your items will be handled professionally and responsibly. Additionally, it's easier to get in touch directly if any issues arise since you'll know who is responsible for taking care of your belongings. This is in contrast to hiring a moving broker who will hire a third-party moving company that you will likely have a hard time reaching if you have any questions or concerns.

Variety Of Moving Services

Moving can be stressful, but working with a professional team of local or long-distance movers ensures that the process runs smoothly from beginning to end. From packing and loading to transporting and unloading your possessions quickly and securely, these experts make sure every step is handled in a professional manner. Choosing a moving broker may not guarantee this level of service, which is why hiring a moving company is always the best choice. A moving company provides services that include: 

  • Local & Long-Distance Moving Services
  • Storage Services
  • Specialized Moving Services

The Best Moving Equipment

Professional moving companies come equipped with the latest technology and specialized equipment to make sure your items are safely transported without risk of damage, loss or other issues. By partnering with a broker, however, you can't be certain that your belongings will receive the same level of care - resulting in possible damage during transit. Partnering directly with professional movers is an invaluable way to ensure a secure relocation every time!

Reimbursement For Damages

With a reputable moving company, your goods are protected in the event of damages. From weight value protection to item value coverage and beyond, you can rest assured that any losses sustained during transit will be reimbursed with ease. On the other hand, when working with a broker for moving services there is no guarantee you may have access to such coverage. So, if anything gets damaged, you won’t likely be reimbursed for them. 

Proper Authorization & Certifications

If you're looking for reliable, efficient and secure moving services, working with an experienced moving company is the best decision. Moving companies need to have certain certifications or authorizations to complete their moves without issue. When dealing with a broker, however, this assurance may not always be available - leaving you unprotected if problems arise unexpectedly at any stage of the process.

Move With Experienced Movers

Moving is a stressful and daunting task, but choosing the right professional moving company can ensure your relocation process goes smoothly. Enjoy all the key benefits of hiring an experienced moving company versus going with a moving broker. Make sure you plan ahead so that when it’s time to move, you have selected the best option for yourself!